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Your Wedding and Corporate Entertainment Specialist
Your Wedding and Corporate Entertainment Specialist


If you are looking for something unique and interactive for your next party or special event, you’ve got to book karaoke. It’s so much fun your friends or co-workers will be lining up to sing all night long. Our library consists of the classics everyone knows and everyone loves to sing. Karaoke is a great as the stand-alone entertainment or as an add-on to create some excitement for the evening. For more information, contact Quality Entertainment today.

Karaoke Package

We provide you with a karaoke technician, the karaoke library full of great songs to sing, a microphone, a sound system, a LCD monitor and stand.


* Karaoke host to make the experience even more fun for everyone on the stage

* Stage lighting so everyone in the audience can see the singers better

* Video package so the guests can see the words on a big screen

* Stage backdrop for a more professional appearance

* Subwoofer or additional speakers to create an even better sound

* Upgrade the technician to a DJ so there is music when there are no singers

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