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List of Top Father Daughter Dance Songs

Uncategorized / February 18, 2015

The relationship between a father and daughter can be very special. The father-daughter song at your wedding should reflect that special feeling between you. The right song will grip your guests.

I have one daughter and can say that our relationship is really special to me. When I held her in my arms for the first time after her birth – she scanned my face and I knew then we had a unique bond.

When I discuss a wedding ceremony with a bride and groom, I make an effort to understand the father-daughter relationship. It is expressed in that brief moment when the father may present his daughter for marriage. It is passing of trust – a passage in life. The father-daughter dance is a celebration of what was and what may be.

The father-daughter is a great way for a daughter to express her love for her father and tell him how much she appreciate him in her life.

Quality Entertainment has a strong presence in the Ottawa wedding market and witnesses hundreds of father-daughter dances.

Here are their suggestions for the top songs in Ottawa:

  1. Daddy’s Angel – by Anthony Carter
  2. Daughter of Mine – by John McDermott
  3. A Song for My Daughter – by Ray Allaire
  4. I Loved Her First – by Heartland

Other considerations can include:

  1. Fathers and Daughters ― Leroy Parnell
  2. Because You Loved Me ― Celine Dion
  3. Isn’t She Lovely ― Stevie Wonder
  4. A Song for My Daughter ― Mikki Viereck
  5. My Little Girl ― Tim McGraw
  6. There You’ll Be ― Faith Hill
  7. Through the Years ― Kenny Rogers
  8. You’re Gonna Miss This ― Trace Adkins
  9. Stealing Cinderella ― Chuck Wicks
  10. There Goes My Life ― Kenny Chesney
  11. Daddy’s Little Girl ― Kippi Brannon
  12. Daddy’s Girl ― Johnny Cash and Conway Twitty
  13. My Special Angel ― Bobby Helms
  14. Butterfly Kisses ― Bob Carlisle
  15. Watching you ― Rodney Atkins
  16. In My Daughter’s Eyes ― Martina McBride
  17. My Girl ― Temptations
  18. Ready, Set, Don’t Go ― Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray
  19. My Wish ― Rascal Flatts
  20. An Angel to Me ― Loxsen Morre
  21. The Man in My Little Girl’s Life ― Mike Douglas

It is important that your DJ service and entertainment company be able to deliver on this important moment. Believe me, Quality Entertainment can.