In 1976, the Canadian Disc Jockey Association(CDJA) was created. Its main purpose was to elevate the disc jockey industry to higher standards. While hundreds of companies belong to the association, Quality Entertainment is one of only 8 companies currently registered as a member of the CDJA in the Ottawa area.

There are many obligations a company must abide by to maintain a membership in the association. Quality Entertainment not only meets and exceeds its obligations to the association but has established its own set of guidelines for its staff. The obligations of the association include being a registered business and conducting ourselves in a professional manner at all times on the telephone and at every party or reception. It also includes dressing appropriately, providing our clients with written contracts, using professional equipment and having in place a reliable backup procedure. The guidelines created specifically for Quality Entertainment include providing experienced, professional, talented and personable entertainers for every function, offering a competitive price with no hidden charges, making available two types of backup service, offering early setup plus assembling a qualified office staff to answer all questions in a timely manner and to our client’s complete satisfaction.

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