Light Fixtures

On this page are numerous light fixtures available to create a special look or atmosphere in the room, in a tent or outside. Knowing which fixtures to use for the best effect is important and something our team of experts have been trained to do. There are significant differences from lighting a small venue or restaurant to a large hotel ballroom or conference centre. The intensity of the lights, the power consumption, the angles of the lights, the hanging or the aiming of the fixtures and the effects that are chosen all play a role in the design. Selecting the best fixtures and installing them professionally and safely is important. You may want to choose your lights based on price but you may not obtain the effect you are looking for. It is also important to choose a company that uses CSA approved lights which are approved for use in Canada as not all companies are using these lights which can pose a fire hazard. CSA is the label that states the lights have been approved and tested for use in Canada.

Be Aware as seen on this page, there are different types of fixtures. Some décor companies, DJ services and individuals will purchase flood lights from the hardware store to keep their costs down. You might believe that you are getting a quality light from them when in fact you are getting a flood light. These are not approved lights for indoor use as they become very hot and offer no protection to your guests. If they are bumped or knocked over, they can cause a burn or lead to a fire.

LED Pars all look the same but are very different. Similar to an incandescent bulb in that you can be holding a 60 watt or a 150 watt bulb and they look the same, with LEDs you can have a 1 watt, 3 watt, 5 watt or even higher power LED and not see a difference in the fixture’s shape or size. The difference would be in the intensity of the light, number of LEDs in the fixture and the range of colors. Quality Entertainment offers higher watt LEDs for the best effect and selection of colours.