New exciting Services for this year!

Quality Entertainment is once again leading the wedding industry in everything it offers for your special day. We have the latest trends and technology to make the day incredibly unique. How many weddings have you been to and they have been the same from one wedding to the next? Not anymore.

Quality Entertainment was the first disc jockey and entertainment company to bring LED lighting to a wedding reception. Now we are the first to bring you the multi-media wedding experience. At most weddings you will see a video screen set up in the corner
of the room that is dark all night until you show the one 5 minute video.

Now, Quality Entertainment gives you the opportunity to use those screens all night long. Imagine the difference and the experience your guests will have at the wedding when there is something on the screen all night. The most popular unique service right now is Twitter. We can bring you a live Twitter feed right into your room so your guests can send you happy wishes before, during and throughout the night by using a special hash tag we set up for you. Watch the video and learn more about our exciting new Multi-Media wedding experience and consider all the possibilities listed below for your video screens.

Video for Your Important Dances
Enhance the important dances with photos and possibly video playing in the background. Quality Entertainment can show romantic photos of the two of you as you dance then switch to photos of the bride as she was growing up while she dances with her father. Imagine the impact this will have on your guests. And before begin the important dances, you can play a video that creates the love story to show your guests how you got to this moment in your life. Set it to romantic music and your guests will love the personalized evening.

Short Videos
Almost everyone has a video camera in their cell phone, Ipod, Ipad or digital camera. Take advantage of the video cameras and show mini You Tube style videos throughout the night on any of the screens you might have in your room. Start creating videos starting the moment you get engaged up to a month before the big day to show at your wedding. We can provide you with a sleek LCD screen on a stand for the foyer for cocktails to give your guests a focal point and something to talk about and watch. We can also set up a tripod or large rear projection screen in the room for videos that can run during or after dinner. There are many possibilities with mini You Tube style videos and our video presentation services and equipment.

Professionally Produced Videos
If you prefer to show a professionally produced video during the night, Quality Entertainment has the video experts to make it happen. We put you in touch with our talented and creative people who discuss the project and give you a price on the video. They will take your videos and photos and add text to make the presentation unforgettable to your guests. It’s a great souvenir for you to have as well for the future.

Live Video
There are two options when it comes to live video. There is an unsupervised camera on a stand that is placed in the room dedicated to the podium and dance floor. This works great to give the audience a bigger picture of the podium for the speeches and gives them something to watch during the dancing. So no matter where you are sitting in the room, your guests will be able to see everything that is happening on the big screen. The second option is a supervised camera which can roam the room and zoom in and focus to enhance moments like your first dance, cake cutting, bouquet and garter. With a moving camera, now all the action is on the screens. We can even videotape those moments and give you the video.

Music Videos
You’ve got to have music videos at your wedding! The music is so good these days and the videos from the 70’s disco era to today’s music is so fun to watch on the screens. Believe us when we say the people dancing and not dancing will be watching the screens and the videos all evening long. Your guests will enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime wedding reception experience. The technology is fresh and it provides a great way to add a contemporary flair to your elegant evening. We have all the latest videos and the greatest videos from the past decades. You will love it as Michael Jackson or Madonna come on to the screen with their older videos and hairstyles and you won’t be able to turn away as the latest songs come on with their hot fresh videos. Don’t let the video screen sit dark after you show your wedding video – use it to show music videos.