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Alan Viau is one of Ottawa’s most popular and experienced wedding officiants. He is editor and writer for one of Canada’s leading wedding sites: OttawaWeddingJournal.com

Entertainment Ideas for Ottawa 2017

By Quality Entertainment

Entertainment Ideas

Your Quality Entertainment team is excited that Ottawa 2017 is going to be a celebration of epic proportions, with 12 months of events, festivals and more to showcase Canada’s rich 150-year history of being a nation. With countless visitors from around the world expected throughout the year-long extravaganza, we have entertainment ideas that will wow … Continue reading Entertainment Ideas for Ottawa 2017

Plan the Best Party in Ottawa with these Party Entertainment Ideas

By Quality Entertainment

If you go to a party and have an absolute blast, what is it that keeps you talking about it for a long while after? While food is high on the list, it will not make or break the party. We believe it’s the entertainment. If you can’t stop your feet from dancing, your sides … Continue reading Plan the Best Party in Ottawa with these Party Entertainment Ideas

Light Up your Celebration Tent in Style

By Quality Entertainment

The summer and early fall are prime seasons for outdoor celebrations and often include the use of tents. While tents can be fun and get you outside, they can be difficult to decorate due to their large size and plain white walls and ceiling. Quality Entertainment has some great ideas to help you decorate your … Continue reading Light Up your Celebration Tent in Style

Work With a Reputable DJ Company When Choosing the Song List for your Wedding

By Alan Viau

There are two essential elements to any great wedding reception. The food has to be satisfying and the entertainment must get the party going. I find that brides and grooms underestimate the importance of getting the right DJ that plays the right tunes. With out that, then you have a dud party.