10 Tips for Booking Wedding Entertainment

  1. Never choose your entertainment on price; your guests will never know how little you paid!
  2. Investigate: always check out the website for all information about the company you are looking to hire!
  3. Always choose a reputable company. If they have been in business for a long time, there’s a good chance they have happy customers!
  4. Choose a company that has more than ‘a few’ disc jockeys. This could save your party in the event that people become sick or unavailable
  5. Stay away from classified websites for DJ services. They are more likely to be here today, and gone tomorrow… with your money.
  6. Always get a contract from your entertainment provider outlining the services you are to receive on the day of your wedding
  7. Ask about the company’s back-up plan in the event the DJ is sick, or their equipment breaks down. Be the devil’s advocate, and test their back-up plans!
  8. Choose a company that offers a variety of services so you don’t need to search around for all the extras: they should be able to provide décor lighting, and even video projectors and screens!
  9. Choose a reputable company you trust, that is fully insured for your protection!
  10. Choose a full-time DJ company. You need to be able to communicate whenever you want, and this isn’t possible with part-timers!