Yamaha Speakers MSR400 (12″ and 15″)

YahamaMSR400-bGigging musicians, DJs, corporate and media presenters, schools, houses of worship and venues in the market for a high-performance portable loudspeaker system need look no further than the MSR400 and MSR800W from Yamaha Professional Audio.

The MSR400 is a compact, bi-amplified system delivering 400 watts of built-in power. A 300-watt low frequency power amplifier drives the 12” woofer, while a 2” titanium compression driver is separately powered with a 100-watt high frequency power amplifier and coupled to a 90º x 40º constant-directivity horn. Using Yamaha’s proprietary EEEngine Technology, the internal amplifiers maintain efficiency, with reduced weight, low current draw and low heat.

The MSR400 provides a wide (50 Hz – 20 kHz) frequency response, uniform coverage and intelligible audio, thanks in part to Yamaha’s Bass Reflex bi-amplified design. A 2-band EQ and master level provide basic, effective tone control and output volume.

Connectors include a balanced XLR MIC input, plus balanced TRS phone and XLR LINE inputs. All connections are paralleled, allowing multiple speakers to be daisy-chained. Constructed of high impact polypropylene, the MSR400 weighs 51 pounds, and can be flown, stacked, wall- or pole-mounted, or used as a floor monitor. The MSR400 can also be paired with the new Yamaha MSR800W Subwoofer for additional low frequency support.

The MSR800W delivers 800 watts of power in a low-profile enclosure, making it an ideal addition for mobile DJ systems, clubs, schools, houses of worship and other loudspeaker systems where low frequency augmentation is desired.

The ported bass reflex design maintains high efficiency and low distortion. The 15” driver can provide up to 122dB SPL (1w @ 1 M), and with an overall frequency response of 40Hz to 120Hz, it can withstand the most demanding program material. The internal 800-watt amplifier uses Yamaha’s EEEngine Technology to maintain efficiency, low current draw, low heat and reduced weight.

Cabinets are constructed of sturdy Birch ply and covered in a black epoxy finish. Connections include balanced XLR A & B input connectors, balanced XLR A/B/THRU outputs, and balanced XLR High Pass/A&B output connections. Controls include Master Level, Power, Phase and Cutoff Frequency (80 Hz to 100 Hz). An integrated pole mount is provided for adding a full-range cabinet above the MSR800W.