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3 Ways to Video Your Wedding

3 ways to video your wedding

Uncategorized / June 19, 2015

Your wedding will be a once in a lifetime moment that you will want to remember forever. Photos capture moments with the people in attendance.  It is worth adding a videographer because they record your event exactly the way it happened.

The random smiles, the conversations, the speeches, the tears of joy, the first dance and so much more…moving silently in the background the videographer takes it all in. Gone are the days where videographers carry huge cameras with oppressive lights.

It is easier than ever to include videography as part of the timeless and priceless recording of your wedding. Now brides and grooms have 3 good options in how to include videography into their wedding plans. Which one depends on the desired end product.

DIY – this is where the bride and groom have ‘a friend’ take the video with a camcorder. From what I have seen, the result is usually a shaky 2 -3 hour-long video. Included will be your cousin’s crying baby that was too close to the camcorder microphone so that none of your words are heard.

I had one ambitious couple who put six camcorders on tripods surrounding us during the ceremony. Unfortunately, to their dismay, we had to halt the ceremony when a gust of wind blew them all down.

BASIC – you can hire a basic videographic service that will include a one-camera set-up. A remote microphone on the groom will record the words more directly. Some editing will come with this package so that you get the highlights of your event. A nice compliment to photography.

ADVANCED – the result will be a stunning memory of your day. It will include multiple cameras for different angles and remote microphones. Extensive editing will give you the feeling of a short movie with soundtrack and effects. It will show highlights of the ceremony and reception. Usually running under 10 minutes, these videos are suitable for uploading to YouTube and other social networking websites.

Now adding video to your wedding gives you a new dimension in how you want to remember your wedding day. Video is a wonderful compliment to photography and is easy to upload to social media sites. Quality Entertainment not only has great wedding dj’s there is a range of video services available to give you the memories that last a lifetime.