3 Reasons to Visit Quality Entertainment at the Ottawa Wedding Show !!

The Spring 2015 edition of the Ottawa Wedding Show is set for April 18/19 at the EY Centre. Come visit our booth 410 to explore how we can make you wedding a success.

The spring wedding shows are always well attended. Full of hope and enthusiasm, newly engaged couples are seeking vendors who will fulfill their vision of their special day. Whether you are planning a late summer or fall 2015 wedding or a winter/ spring 2016 wedding, now is the right time to choose your first choice of DJ company and entertainment vendors.

Disc Jockey services are an essential element in ensuring that you have a successful wedding. They can be integral into every aspect of the day. At the Ottawa Wedding Show, Quality Entertainment founders Brian Henry and Scott Smith will be on hand to help you envision how their services are integral to your day.

Quality Entertainment, has been providing award winning DJ services in Ottawa, Gatineau and beyond for over 17 years. That’s 17 years of reliable, exemplary customer service by a team of professional, talented entertainers. It also means that they have been to almost every wedding ceremony and reception venue in the capital. They know what works in what doesn’t in those locales.

Three top reasons to consider Quality Entertainment as your vendor for DJ services are:

1-They know ceremonies:

Wedding ceremonies are stressful. If a DJ can’t hit the button at the right time for the exit – an awkward moment happens. Quality Entertainment ensures that all its DJ’s are trained to understand the critical points of a ceremony and execute them flawlessly.

2-Reception Music:

A reception flows from cocktails to dinner and dancing. Appropriate music is needed to set the mood for each stage. Quality Entertainment works with your to deliver on the kind of music that matches your wedding theme.

3-Special Effects:

Quality Entertainment keeps on top of all the technology trends. They can supply up-lighting, sound and dance lighting…even a hosted Twitter board. They are committed to staying on the cutting edge to supply a unique wedding experience.

Brian and Scott would love to have an opportunity to chat on your plans for your dream day and how Quality Entertainment can be part of making it happen.

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