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Your Wedding and Corporate Entertainment Specialist

Custom AV Equipment Rentals Enhance your Venue

Uncategorized / February 25, 2016

This past December Quality Entertainment provided the lighting and sound for a corporate gala held at the Shaw Centre in downtown Ottawa. Since the venue is designed primarily for trade shows and conventions and is a blank slate when it comes to its appearance, we were contracted to create an elegant and unique look for the gala. Take a look to see how custom audio visual equipment rentals can enhance your venue and create the perfect atmosphere for your special event in Ottawa.

Audio Visual Equipment Rentals Create Atmosphere

As you can see from the picture we provided of the corporate gala, the venue was a very large space that could have seemed cavernous without our help. We used lighting, projectors, video screens, monitors, a stage, backdrop and sound equipment to warm up the space and create an air of intimacy that encouraged conversation and ensured everyone was able to see and hear what was going on at the podium. Without the appropriate audio visual equipment, it would have been difficult for all to engage and get the most out of the gala evening.

Video Screens

When you are displaying video media at your gala, wedding or corporate function, you want to be sure everyone at your event is able to see the screens. Tripod screens come in two common sizes: 6ft x 6ft and 8ft x 8ft. Quality Entertainment will help you select the appropriate size for your venue and suggest additional screens if they are required to ensure everyone has an unobstructed view.

Projectors for Video Displays

Selecting the appropriate projectors and lenses will depend on the time of day your video will be shown, the brightness in the venue and the distance you have in front of the screen. For example, if you only have a few feet available in front of the screen, you may require a short throw lens and if you have more room, you may only need a standard lens.

Sound Equipment

For everyone to enjoy the music played at your event and to hear your speakers, you need the perfect sound equipment. Wireless mics allow you the freedom to place your podium anywhere you like in your venue so your guests can hear your speakers. A soundboard may be required in cases where you have live music or multiple microphones being used throughout the party. Finally, in some cases monitors are required for performers so they can hear their band’s sound.

To create the perfect atmosphere for your special event in Ottawa, contact Quality Entertainment. We’ll ensure you have the right audio-visual equipment rentals to transform any venue.