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Your Wedding and Corporate Entertainment Specialist

Get your Smooch on with these Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Uncategorized / April 29, 2016

Once your ceremony is over and your wedding reception begins, your guests will tap their glasses often to get you to share a kiss as newlyweds. People revel in this tradition and let’s face it- any reason to smooch your new spouse is a good reason! While the longstanding tradition of glass-tapping is fun, why not amp it up a little and include kissing games for even more laughs and fun? Pack some lip balm and pucker up for these wedding entertainment ideas.

Kissing Games and Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Including interactive kissing games as part of the entertainment at your wedding reception is a great way to get your guests involved in the fun. Better still, while the games are in full swing you can capture some pretty awesome candid shots that will make your photo album extra special!

  1. If your wedding is being held at a golf course or if golf is special to you and your spouse-to-be, the putting green makes a fun kissing game. Participants can step up and take their best shot and if they sink the putt, pucker up!
  2. Love trivia? Our bride and groom trivia game comes complete with paddles and guarantees some fun and friendly competition and plenty of opportunities to sneak in a few kisses. See how fun it can be with the sample questions in our video.
  3. Feeling lucky? Let your guests roll the giant die from our dice game to see what you will have to do! From dancing to kissing or your own customized activities, the dice game is always good for some extra laughter on your wedding day.
  4. The wedding wheel is a huge hit in wedding entertainment and helps get your guests involved. Take a spin and either you and your new spouse or the guest who spins has to follow the action selected when the arrow stops.

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