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How to choose an MC from a DJ company for your wedding reception

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Uncategorized / July 4, 2015

Your wedding is a special life event. You want everything that you planned to be executed at the right time. Your MC’s job is crucial to successfully deliver on your plans.
I once had a friend ask why a large orchestra had a person waving a white stick in front of them. Why did they need them? I answered that the conductor is there to keep the rhythm going and to highlight the key musical elements of a piece of music. The conductor ensures that the notes on the page are delivered so that the resulting sound is music – not random din.
The job of an MC is very much the same as a conductor. They are essential in keeping your event running smoothly and on time, and in highlighting the happenings during the evening. Traditionally, the MC takes care of inviting guests to be seated, introducing the wedding party, introducing various speakers, announcing the cake cutting/bouquet toss/garter toss/first dance/closing for the reception.
As with just about every aspect of weddings, the traditional way of doing things is being bent. There are really no rules anymore in how you run a wedding – it is your wedding dream and vision. Your dream and vision still need to be coordinated, however. This means the role of the MC has become more important and finding a reliable DJ company has become more important than ever.
There are three strategies in coordinating your wedding reception:
DIY – I had a bride and groom ask me if they needed an MC. For their wedding of 20 people, it seemed a little overkill. So they opted to do the role themselves. For a small intimate wedding this can work well.
Designate Someone – A friend or relative are often asked to assume the role of an MC. It works best if they are not in the bridal party. That way they are not running around being in the photos while ensuring that guests are getting seated.
They may also be able to offer personal humorous insights on the bride and groom. Humor is always a risky – as it may bomb. I believe it is better that the MC leaves the storytelling to the different speakers during the evening. They are like a conductor who allows the instrumentalists to make the music.
Professional MC – Another growing trend is to hire a professional MC. That way you have one person whose sole purpose is to focus on all announcements. A wedding DJ Company like Quality Entertainment has several professionals who have mastered the art of MCing. In addition the MC can run entertaining games during the evening to ensure that your wedding is a rocking good time.

I find some brides and grooms want to ask the DJ to fill the MC role. Most DJ’s are uncomfortable in that role as their specialty is to spin tunes and get the party going. In my opinion it is better to have someone focused on being the MC so that their full attention is on doing a great job in keeping your reception moving.
If you’re looking for a trustworthy DJ company that will be able to get the party started on your special day, visit our website today.