Steps to Create Your Playlist

Watch Our Video Tutorial Here

Step #1 Simple Song Search

Simply type in the name of the artist or song title in the box and hit the search button.

Advanced Search Options

Select the letter of the artist or song title you are looking for. You can further sort your results alphabetically by artist or song title by clicking on the appropriate circle. If your search creates a big list, you might have to click on the link that takes you to the next set of results, located at the bottom of the list of songs on the right side.

Step #2 Select Your Songs

To select your songs click on the appropriate box on the right side.

Once you click on the song, it will appear in your request list box below in the appropriate category. At any time after you have chosen the song, you can customize its importance by selecting note. A new screen will appear and you can type in your dedication or note. You must keep your text short. Once you have entered your information choose attach note if you are happy with it or delete note if you are not and then follow the instructions to return you to your music list.

Step #3 Save Your List

Before leaving music program, always click Save My List using your name and email address. This information will be used to retrieve your music list in the future.

Step #4 Retrieving Your Music List

Simply click on the Load My List button and enter your name and email.
You can now edit or add additional songs. Remember to save your list again before closing.

Step #5 Submit Your List

Once you are completely finished creating and saving your music list, you must submit your list, which sends the list to our office. We also strongly advise you to print your list to keep. To submit your list, simply click on the button.

If the list is not submitted, we will not be notified that you have created a music list and the list will not be at your function. So it is very important to remember to SUBMIT your list.

Top 200 List

Sometimes it’s hard to think of good songs to choose and that is why we have included a feature that displays 200 of the most popular songs that people choose. They are not in order of popularity but simply a guide for you to use. This list is compiled from a source not associated with our music library so you will have to check if the song is in our library.



If at anytime you need help or more information while working with this program, simply click on the Help/Tips button on the top right side of the page.

Don’t forget – it is very important to