Our vocalist is a singer-songwriter whose love for music and song has   filled her life with passion and dedication. Her clear and honest voice,   combined with her creativity and songwriting, are some of the qualities   that define her as a musician. Her love for life and people inspire her   to express the stories of her life and to share the joys and sorrows of   her heart. As a genuine performer, she captures and touches people’s   hearts and reaches her audiences with her warmth and reflections.  She    began private piano lessons at the age of five and was awarded prizes   from many classical festivals and music competitions throughout her   classical career. At the age of fifteen, she discovered a deep interest   in singing and songwriting and since then has embarked on an exciting   journey which has led her to many wonderful places. Her passion fills   her mind, her heart and her soul and her humanistic side is only a part   of what she portrays in her music. Her music is an expression of love   and life. She was the in-house entertainer at a very prominent hotel in   Ottawa for many years.

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