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Your Wedding and Corporate Entertainment Specialist
Your Wedding and Corporate Entertainment Specialist

Live Stream Your Wedding

2 Microphones
2 Cameras on tripod stands
1 Live streaming computer
1 Technician to operate the cameras and computer
1 Recording provided after the event
Contact us for current pricing and read on for more information

Music for the Ceremony
The live streaming package is to provide the technician and equipment to broadcast the ceremony. If you would like to have music at your ceremony, you will need to book the DJ to provide the sound equipment and play the songs. We will provide this price to you in our quote.

Additional Equipment and Services
Wireless microphones
Microphone stands
Increase the number of people on Zoom
Mobile internet (when internet is not available or as backup)
Additional time for technician and equipment to stay on-site to live stream the speeches and reception

Options for Broadcasting the Ceremony / Reception
Zoom from your account
Zoom from the Quality Entertainment account (max 100 people)
Stream to Vimeo

NOTE:The live streaming package and all services are subject to availability, applicable taxes and a non-refundable deposit.